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How to Get Diesel Drained from Petrol in Wigan?

Have you accidentally put diesel in petrol in Wigan and have you started to panic, don’t worry and relax as all our diesel in petrol drain engineers are fully trained to the best standard and can drain diesel from your petrol vehicle. GMM1 Wigan has the latest and fastest diesel in petrol draining system in Wigan which allows our diesel in petrol experts to safely and quickly drain diesel from your petrol engine. Call GMM1 Wigan now to get going quickly.

How Long Does GMM1 Wigan Take to Drain Diesel from Petrol?

Diesel in petrol engine drain and flush normally takes around 20-30 minutes which means our diesel in petrol experts in Wigan can have you back on the road within 1 hour in Wigan. It is fairly easy to put petrol in a diesel engine and the problem lies with the petrol nozzle at the petrol stations.

What to do when Diesel goes in Petrol?

If you have put diesel in petrol car, then you need to act quickly. It can cause damage to your engine and journey. Every year around 150,000 people put the wrong fuel in their vehicles which means a mistake happens somewhere in the UK every four minutes, you are definitely not alone if you find yourself in trouble at the fuel station or at the roadside .

The damage to your vehicle totally depends on the type of engine and whether you’ve put diesel into petrol or vice versa, the amount of diesel and whether the incorrect fuel has reached your vehicle’s engine systems. Our experts in Wigan know how to drain diesel from petrol vehicle. Simply follow these simple steps to stop your car or vehicle’s engine getting damaged.

Don’t Turn on Your Petrol Vehicle’s Engine

If you are at the fuel station and have mistakenly put diesel in a petrol vehicle, it matters a lot. But wait, as long as GMM1 Wigan  are with you, you need not to worry. The very first thing you need to do is not to turn your engine on.

By keeping the car entirely switched off, you minimise the chances of keeping the misfuelling contained in the tank where it can do less damage. If you start the engine, wrong fuel starts getting into the engine. Hence the chances of expensive repair increases. Our wrong fuel engineers work extremely hard to drain diesel from petrol engine.

There are some modern cars that begin moving fuel around as soon as the key is turned on. That’s why, it is really important to avoid even put the key in the ignition switch.

If you have put the wrong fuel in your car, give GMM1 Wigan a call to drain diesel from petrol engine. We are only a phone call away and have years of experience in draining diesel from petrol vehicles.

Draining Diesel from Petrol Vehicle After It Has Been Driven

There are many drivers who fill their vehicles with wrong fuel and only notice it during the filling process or soon afterwards. Keep one thing in mind that if you have already resumed your journey before the penny drops, immediately pull over to a safe place and get the keys out from the ignition.

Rest assured that GMM1 Wigan can fix your car even after it has stopped running due to wrong fuel. We will drain all the diesel from your petrol vehicle and then we will get it started to make sure you carry on with your journey. This process can be done in as less as 30 minutes, so give GMM1 Wigan a call without a delay.

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Symptoms to Determine Diesel in Petrol Engine

There are some symptoms which you might start noticing that something seriously went wrong. These include lumpy and uneven acceleration, misfires and large amounts of smoke from the exhaust. So don’t wait for even a single moment before you call GMM1 Wigan because it wont resove by itself, calling GMM1 Wigan is the best option to drain diesel from your petrol car and save its engine from an expensive damage.

Petrol in Diesel vs Diesel in Petrol

To understand ‘misfuelling’, it is easy to understand that to put diesel in a petrol tank is harder than to put petrol in a diesel tank. There is one main and major reason and that is the size of nozzle of a diesel pump. It generally won’t fit in the fuel tank. This size of nozzle gives the petrol vehicle drivers some protection against such type of misfuelling.

Filling with a Green Petrol Nozzle

To put the petrol in a diesel engine is worse on a diesel engine as compared to putting diesel in petrol engine. To understand why it happens, the diesel fuel itself is used to lubricate certain essentials parts of the vehicle. Whereas the petrol hasn’t got these lubricating qualities. When the diesel and petrol fuels mix together, the diesel floats on the top. That’s why when the vehicle starts drawing from the tank, it can cause damage quickly.

Cost of Draining Diesel from Petrol Engine in Wigan

GMM1 Wigan offers the most competitive rates and the quickest response for draining diesel from petrol cars. So give us a call if you are stuck, our fuel drain service in Wigan is available 24/7.

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